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It’s hard for budding freelancers (I should know), to delegate to a company how much you want paid. Especially after you’ve came out a trade where the wage was set. MyPrice is a new app that allows budding freelancers to find out how much they should be getting paid; set project times; get some cool hints and just generally learn and develop more in the freelancing world. It isn’t like most business type apps, that look very old and meagre, this is shockingly quite fun to play around on.

Once you’ve detailed the system about who you are, where you live, what you work as, how much experience you’ve had and how much your services cost, it will work out how much you should be paid per hour or per project.

Creating projects is another simple way to delegate how much you need to be paid. You add all the relevant details about what the project is, how much time you’ve got and just features that may make a difference in pricing. You can then save or ship it off to your email. The MyPrice app also has a history button, to see previous projects or employment. This can also contribute to your payment, as experience.

The app is prefect, has a freelancer you don’t want to overcharge your services and send your potential clients running and at the same time you wouldn’t want to undercharge either; MyPrice comes in really handy. You will have to register with an email before starting off but the developers have implemented a privacy policy to keep your mind at ease.

With some guides and a nice simple user interface, this app goes from a simple app with some budding features to one of the best freelance helper apps I’ve used. It’s available for iPhone and iPad for the right price free. See MyPrice app in action below.

App Details

Title: MyPrice

Price: Free

Category: Finance

Developer: J Antonio Macias

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