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If you travel, or like to follow your Facebook friends travel, you must have this handy little app for iPhone. Trip to Worlds makes it very easy to see exactly where in the world all your friends are, assuming they are sharing their location information.   This app makes it very easy to look at the map and see where all of your friends are.  The map is familiar to Google maps, and uses colored pins top represent friends and groups of friends.  You can interact with the maps in the same way as google maps, touch any pin on the map to see more information on the person the pin represents.  You can drag a finger to move the map, pinch and reverse pinch to zoom in and out.  Overall the interface is very well done and intuitive to use.

In addition, you can also allow Trips to World to track your travels, and it will keep track of where you go, how far you travel, and make a very nice colored travel map showing the countries you have visited.  A “Post and Boast” button at the top of the screen allows you to post the current map view to your Facebook Timeline.  Other things you can post are photos from your trips, stories, and ratings.

It should be noted that this app is really designed to track international travel, so if you plan a 10 state road trip it may not give you what you are looking for.  Other features include a mobile diary that allows you to log entries of past travels, and chart your friends locations.

Overall, the publisher has done a fine job of creating a great app for world travelers.  No more sticking pins in a map on the wall, this little app will track your travels and keep it all organized digitally.

•Find your Facebook friends on the world map
•See how many friends you have in a particular country and city
•Color your own map by painting countries you have visited in any color
•Write about your trips, add photos and share it
•See how many km you have already travelled

The Friend Map shows all your Facebook Friends current locations
The Travel Map shows you all the countries you have visited
The Travel page allows you to add details about your trip












App Details

Title: Trip to Worlds

Price: Free

Developer: RCC praha s.r.o

Trip To Worlds - RCC Praha s.r.o.