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Do you want to print your email or your Microsoft Word documents? How would you like to see it done from a wireless smartphone? Well now PrintJinni is an app that can help. PrintJinni works a treat for those files you want to print and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

So just what could I print from my iPhone mobile phone app using PrintJinni? Well my email for starters then Word documents and some PDF files. I was also able to select images for printing and web pages. Your printer needs to be compatible so make sure you have Postscript 3 compatibility. They will also need to be SNMP-enabled and be open-linked via a Wi-Fi network.

But before you get too wrapped up in the technology of having a compatible printer, don’t panic. It works fine on any printer which is set up at home on your PC which happens to have a Wi-Fi network in your home. Most households have a Wi-Fi network linked in these days and if you have a computer linked to the internet with a printer then you are ready to go.

Both Microsoft Windows PC as well as Macs will work. You basically get hold of any file that you want printed on your app. There are no cables and no memory sticks required. Simply link PrintJinni to the files that you want printed and sends those to the printer.

This is a free 30-day trial for all new users which includes unlimited printing and support. It allowed me to enjoy printing which was free of cables, memory sticks or the need for additional software. On PrintJinni there is a facility to view your print like a Print Preview. You can print any Word document or Excel spreadsheet and preview and print files of a PDF nature. These are like your Adobe files. It also prints your images too like the JPG files are often converted to and PNG picture files.

I prefer to use Google Chrome as my browser rather than Microsoft Internet Explorer so I was very pleased when I was able to print web pages straight off Chrome rather than find myself searching around for a browser the app decided was the only one that would be compatible. You can store downloaded documents for printing and the compatibility of PrintJinni was what had me hooked. It seems to work with just about any file I had and providing you have that Wi-Fi connection at home (and most people have) then you are set up and ready to go.

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Title: PrintJinni

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