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Trivia pro takes trivial questions to a whole new level of tediously boring, with their Wikipedia stance on knowledge. At least the 95% that don’t know who was sixteenth from the throne at the time of Queen Elizabeth won’t find it an amusing puzzle game. Not at all.

Not denouncing the game, I’m just giving a brief understanding that if you are not into the wild trivia questions, this game will not be for you. If you are though, this game is right up your street. With an excellent menagerie of never-before-questioned questions, I believe some trivia pro’s may be pushed to the edge by this game.

It is ‘Who Wants To be a Millionaire? Trivia Style’ – with 3 wrong answers and 1 right answer. The game comes fitted with three helpers: extra-time, 50/50 and skip. The extra-time bit gives you a couple more seconds, if you know the answer but just can’t think what it is. The 50/50 takes away two wrong answers leaving the right answer and the one remaining wrong answer (Chris Tarrant). The skip button allows you to skip that question with no negative effects. All three power ups get taken off once you’ve used them once, but refill as you get more right answers.

The interface is pretty neat, although the sounds projected when playing could be a little less loud. Buttons all work fine and there is no lagging or glitching.

Online is a sad tragedy, it would have brought the game to another level, being able to challenge your other nerdy friends to a game of trivia. Sadly, it takes so long for Game Center to load up the game, when its loaded up your opponent would have probably been gone 5 minutes.

There are achievement boards, and if you’re a nerdy type person and have friends that like trivial games, then Trivia Pro is for you. The price is a bit on the high side, I personally think it’s too high, but the developer does say there is 8000+ questions.

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Title: Trivia Pro

Price: £1.49 – $1.99

Category: Games

Developer: iRoma S.r.l

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