Stick Run Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=3]

Stick Run is easy to play but very difficult to win. So right away from the outset you are under a challenge yet you will find you are playing like a professional but your aim is to try and win like a pro.

Its addiction is obvious and it comes as no surprise to me that Stick Run is the number one app game in three countries across the world and I don’t mean three small islands, I mean Finland, Chile and Argentina. Stick Run is a game of challenge, strategy and skill and you will be put to the test at every angle. Stick Run is fun and addictive.

Stick Run has several graphics that are at the top of their game. There are several different features on the game too. You basically need to dodge the falling blocks but in several different levels of difficulty. The challenge is there and also there are different modes as well as different difficulty levels.

There are Game Center Leader boards available too, so you can check your progress in the wide world. See if you can make it into the top ten, challenge yourself against your friends. The graphics on Stick Run are remarkably good. Also I was well pleased to see regular updates that upgraded features and all the subsequent content.

There is a cool upgrade that has just been added to Stick Run too. It is called a Tweet Sheet Support. It runs hand in hand with your Twitter account. Stick Run is a great game and with all the different features that are appearing on this game, it makes for a great number one app to have in any one’s collection.

The brilliant graphics and the fact that you have to try and dodge the blocks, make this game highly addictive and you often feel like you want to challenge yourself to go and try your hardest to get on that leader board that the Game Center produces.

Stick Run is overall a great game as it is so easy to play. You will find that you are easily able to master the basics straight away. The challenge comes as you try and get a better score and adapt yourself to improve.

Stick Run works a treat on my iPhone but you can just as easily run this game on your iPad or iPod Touch. The best of all it is free.

App Details

Title: Stick Run

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Thomas Naber

Stick Run - Thomas Naber