FlightHero, The Only Flight Status Tracking App You Will Ever Need – Video Review

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FlightHero provides real-time flight status for flights departing or arriving at the largest airports. Find, track and share the details of over thousands of flight in the US and worldwide. Have you got to get the wife from the airport, with FlightHero you need not to worry if you will be late or too early. Track the flight from departure, right up to the point it coming in to land. If you’re a frequent flyer, FlightHero will become useful. There are complete and updated information about the flight, even real geographical position, speed of the aircraft for flights flying to USA or from USA as well as weather or delays in the airport. You can even find out what type of plane you’re traveling in, wether it’s a Boeing 737, Boeing 777, or Airbus Industrie A319.

The intuitive interface, and the fact that it works on 3G and EDGE connections, makes it worth a download.

FlightHero is a one of a kind app. There is a large number of airport and airline coverage, two of the many features that put FlightHero on top of apps in the same genre. Users can even download over 1270 files for airport maps, that is twice as much as competitive apps. The price is another reason to choose FlightHero, at $4.99 with so much features, the app is very reasonable.

FlightHero is packed with a lot of information. If you want to search for a specific airline, to see where the destinations it travels to this is easily done. You can even search for airports based on cities and even see how long a flight would take. Another cool feature is the ability to see a flight path on a map.

FlightHero is a prefect app for people who travel a lot. The information in the app is gathered from FlightStats.com. Even though the information can be access free on the website, FlightHero makes it more convenient it’s right in your pocket.

The user interface is completely neat and well put together, after all the developers have been working on the app for a little over a year. Even though FlightHero cost $4.99 it’s much cheaper that apps in the same field, like FlightBoard and FlightTrack Pro.

App Details

Title: FlightHero

Price: $4.99

Category: Travel

Developer: Ildar Khanov

FlightHero -> Worldwide and local Flight Status Tracking with Airports Delays and Weather data for Airline flights - Ildar Khanov