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Like paranoia gone mad, FasteRRR allows users to find out if they are driving too fast or too slow, and what their average drive per-route is. This really is a pretty neat app and has some awesome features that are useful for anyone hitting the road.

Before we begin, I’d just like to say this isn’t a “driving simulation”, it’s more of a tracker. FasteRRR is the speedometer app; it just tracks your current speed through the on-app navigation system. This means, if you are driving one day on the motorway, then drive on it the next day, it’ll notice you are on the same road and track your time. This then gives you a slowest, average and fastest time.

This is awesome, especially if you are one of those paranoid drivers who always frenzy if you are doing two miles over the speed limit. Like Sleep Cycles, Walking Recorders and Sleep Talk Recorders, this isn’t an app for a specific audience (well, drivers), and most anyone can use it and find it fun.

The app works pretty well too. The Google maps navigation does most of the work and starts working with the app to detail it on previous routes. Inevitably there is a bad side, the app will stop tracking as soon as you stop, it would be nicer if you could command it to stop at the end of routes, so you could track your whole journey. Of course, they’d need some pretty good algorithm to not add the times you are stopped.

You’d expect an app with such quality to deliver a good interface, but sadly this isn’t the case. It’s like a Tumblr or Blogger account where they’ve went overboard on the details and it just looks scrappy. Apps need to be simple and elegant, not trashy and overflown.

Notifications are also a real pain – you get them quite a lot, and not just Terms & Conditions. Special notifiers, personal updates and spam are constant on this app. Let’s pray someone isn’t using the app while driving, because the notifications drive one to madness. These notifications come up on your message board as well; so you can’t get rid of them easy.

It’s like a Professor that has an alcohol addiction; so clever, but looks terrible.

App Details

Title: Fasterrr

Price: $2.99

Category: Sports

Developer: Theodoros Kandiliotis

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