Defend Your Crystals in Tower Raiders 2 Gold iPhone Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Tower Raiders 2 Gold is the highly addicted, truly stunning defense game for the iPhone. A defense plan is paramount and is required to stop the raiders taking your precious crystals. It’s a one of a kind strategic game for the iOS. Patients and careful planning is needed to overcome the challenges the game through at you.

The main objective of the game is to protect your crystals. Wave of raiders will ascend and you will have access to an arsenal of weapons which must be strategically placed on your board to stop them. Not all weapons are the same and choosing where you place each gun, laser or cannon is key. Level one starts of fairly easy, but still offers a challenge. The further you progress the more difficult it becomes. With 24 levels, the challenge will have you thinking outside the box. The winding path use by raiders to get to the crystals offers a helping hand to the player because it gives one time to think what to do next.

The game is well put together and the 3D graphics are good for a game in it’s genre. The step-by-step tutorial in the first 3 levels allows players to get a grip on the game. Tower Raiders 2 Gold offers a huge challenge and is fun to play. We like the game but the price is slightly too high, $4.99 we personally think is too much. Put that aside and this is a great game. So if you got $5 to spare, why not try it out.

App Details

Title: Tower Raiders 2 Gold

Price: $4.99

Category: Games

Developer: Gianormous Games

Tower Raiders 2 GOLD - Gianormous Games, LLC