Kandoobi, The Fun Playing and Learning Activity App for Kids – Video Review

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We love apps for kids, whenever we get the chance to review any we jump right at it. To be honest not a lot of developers put effort in some of the kid’s apps we’ve reviewed. Well this is not the case with Kandoobi, the developers has put effort in and created a simple but fun playing and learning activity app.

Kandoobi will keep the little ones busy and at the same time getting them to learn new things. From letters, to colours, to different animals and words the app teaches it. With four different activities to choose from, kids will love it. “Colouring” will keep the kids fingers busy and get them learning different type of colours. “Letters” teaches them new words, letters and even how to spell. “Matching”, let them have fun choosing the animals to go with their right silhouette and “Scratch and Fill”, this is where kids will enjoying seeing the right colours of the animals reveal as they swipe on the images.

Kandoobi is fun and a great learning app for the kids, with over 100 different characters to go through they will have a hard time getting bored. I like the drag and drop interface, my 4 year old had no problems with it. The graphics are nice, with some vibrant colors and sound that fits perfectly with the kids theme. Kandoobi is only $2.99 and we have to say it’s well worth the price. I also have to recommend trying it out on the iPad because the larger screen makes it even more fun for the kids. Need an app to keep the kids busy while you get on with some house work or even if you need to spend some time interacting with your child, then Kandoobi is prefect.

App Details

Title: Animals – Coloring, Matching, Spelling & Learning Activities for Your Creative Baby or Toddler

Price: $2.99

Category: Education

Developer: Kandoobi

Animals - Coloring, Matching, Spelling & Learning Activities for Your Creative Baby or Toddler - Kandoobi