Panda Sweet Tooth Review

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Panda Sweet Tooth is a new arcade game set in the colourful plains of PandaWorld – the game involves you, Momma Panda, finding some strawberries for your famished cubs. The problem between getting these strawberries and successfully feeding them is the queer hostile beasts lurking within the plains.

You must help Momma Panda get past these ugly irritations by guiding her on the path to the lake (or the end of the level to you and I). The goal of the level is to gain as many strawberries and mushrooms as possible, with as little injuries as possible.At first, you’ll be confronted by the evil food plant, which when eaten, makes Momma Panda heavier, thus slowing her speed. This is a tricky predicament, because it means she’s not able to disperse from the oncoming enemies as quick.

Soon, you’ll meet the evil creatures of all sizes: some roam the plains in search of innocent Panda’s; others wait in their lairs until the Panda approaches. Whatever their tactic, they’ll endeavour to stop you wherever you are.

At the end of the level, you are given your rating out of three. You gain 3 if you’ve successfully completed the track without any injuries (or near to none) and the amount of strawberries you collect. You have many levels to complete, and each is filled with even harder beastly characters.

The app interface is definitely pushed for children – it is very user friendly and looks simple. The cartoon at the start is pretty cool and sets the game in focus. Finding levels and using controls is easy too, and the app offers simple and helpful guides on your journeys. Panda Sweet feels like Tiny Wings a touch, it has the same characteristics in its gameplay too. Both games have a start and finish line and both have a flat 2D surface. Only differences is on Tiny Wings you are flying and you are a bird. On this you are jumping on trees and you are a Panda.

The app is a brilliant little game for children, although if you are looking for a challenge the levels do get pretty hard the more you play. It is a fun exciting game; I’m just disappointed there’s no social networks added and the lack of levels. Of course, they may add these in new updates, I hope. There is also a HD version available for iPad, Panda Sweet Tooth Full HD.

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