Where’s My Candy Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=3]

Where’s My Candy is the cool pac man style game with a kung foo panda who loves candy. For one, Pandas are suppose to love bamboo. Not Joy, he’s got a knack for sweet treats. Unfortunately someone as stolen Joy’s candy and now he has gone into stealth mode. Play has the dragon warrior he’s now become to help him retrieve is candy.

There are four modes to choose from to get you going, Classic, dragon warrior, ghost and invincible mode. You have a maze like board to go around collect all the sweets and avoid enemies such as spiders, not the kind of think you would expect to hurt a panda but stay away. The good think about some of the treats, is that they give you special powers and abilities to overcome your enemies.

Where’s My Candy is fun to play. Even though the graphics are great for a free game the sound is terribly annoying. There is a music through every stage and I found myself muting my iPhone because there is no option to turn the music off. Another annoying thing is the ads that’s being served in the app. They do get in the way. The controls for me was another thing that could be improve. Even though it’s simple swipe action to get the panda moving at times he just kept on running.

Overall the game is simple and a lot of users will love it. You can tell that from the 5 star rating it’s receive on the App Store from over 150 users. But for me it’s not a game I will play for long. It’s free so it’s well worth the download.

App Details

Title: Where’s My Candy

Price: Free for a limited time

Category: Games

Developer: Zhangming

Where's My Candy® - Zhangming Ltd.