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Comfi Call International is the convenient and cheap way to call friends and family aboard. If you are regularly calling international numbers then the app is very useful. It basically eliminate the need for a calling card. If your someone that know about international calling cards then you know it can be a daunting task to first dial the access number, wait to be prompt to enter your PIN number and then enter the number you wish to call. All of that is a pass with Comfi Call International. Download the app and tap the international number and thats it.

The app allows the user to call internationally at some extremely low rates. These rates can be found within the app and some examples are calling Barbados for a little as 8 cent per minute. Users can search through the “calling rates” section to see just how much it is to call the country interested in. There are options to easily add a credit card and setup an auto topup to make sure you have enough once you’re ready to call.

The app is simple to use. It was a case of entering my phone number and calling the required number. Unfortunately you must enter your mobile number before you can begin using the app. There is however one thing that some users might not appreciate, once you enter your phone number it brought up contacts from my address book. It didn’t ask me to confirm that I wanted the app to access my address book but it did. I was left wondering if the app was safe to use and going through the app I couldn’t find any information to put my mind at ease. There is a customer service section where you can either email or call them to find out.

The app is great to use and very convenient. It replaces all the international calling cards and even cheaper than some. Comfi Call International app is a digital calling card. If you try the app you will get $1 added to your balance instantly. According to the developer that’s up to 45 minutes of talk time. So what are you waiting for, ditch the calling cards and download Comfi Call International. It’s free.

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Title: Comfi Call International

Price: Free

Category: Social Networking

Developer: Comfi, Inc

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