Self Aware an Interactive Puzzle Game – Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Self Aware is probably the most unique and exhilarating app available on the App Store. The whole setup I personally think is scary. So much that you will initially think that someone as taken over your phone.

The Security enhanced Turing complete Universal program, or STU for short as taken control of your phone and with the help of dingle techie you will take back control, eventually. That’s after you battle STU in a series of puzzles and mini-games, which undoubtedly gets harder because of how stubborn STU is. The Techie will assist you by unlocking elements of the Phone’s code that will allows you to battle STU. How well you know your iPhone will determine how you get rid of this evil artificial intelligence. There are 68 unique puzzles hidden in 25 applications and it will take you sometime to get through them.

The puzzles come in bite size pieces and offer a different set of playing styles. STU is the artificial intelligence determine to keep control on your device, he is stubborn, cruel and very insulting.

The game play as I say is unique and the whole interaction makes it even more amazing to play. Remember it’s just a game and your device isn’t really taken over by artificial intelligence but it is fun to think so. Self Aware is available for $0.99 and the amount of gameplay you get along with the uniqueness it’s more that worth the price.

App Details

Title: Self Aware

Price: $0.99 -£0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Dingle LLC

Self Aware - Dingle LLC