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RSS feeds are so common on every app store, it is hard to sort the good from the bad – gladly, I’d like to offer you a solution to browsing endlessly through the App Store for a good one, with FeedsWire.

FeedsWire News RSS Feed Reader has dedicated a lot of energy into making RSS feeds more categorised, quick and shareable. I’ve regularly noticed that RSS feeds can be abundant when people use them a lot, but there is no way to find the one you want to read, nor have time to scroll through endless amounts of feeds. With FeedsWire, they delegate feeds into simple categorised areas, so you can find the one you want within seconds.

Keywords make it easier to find a feed, if it hasn’t already been added to the default feeds. By typing in a keyword, the app will show you all the available feeds that you can add to your RSS. You can find feeds that you’ve never heard about by simply adding a keyword of a subject or topic you enjoy.

The interface is OK, RSS feeds have never been very pretty, but it could use a little modernising; possibly adding interactive functions or sticky/favourite stories? The feed stories look fine, although a font-size changer would be a nice adjustment.

Speeds on the app are extremely fast, even though there’s a lot of text on the app. Stories and feeds open instantly and sharing is very fast. You can share to Twitter & e-mail, although I’m hopeful they’ll add Facebook, Pinterest and some other social-networks soon enough.

The app is fast, has neat categories, a good amount of feeds for you to keep up-to-date and is free. The last part really improves my opinion on the app, even if it does have an “Upgrade to Pro”, at least you don’t need the Pro unless you are a major RSS feed reader.

App Details

Title: FeedsWire – News RSS Feed Reader

Price: Free

Category: News

Developer: MyClickapps.com

FeedsWire - News RSS Feed Reader - MyClickapps.com LLC