1Card The App To Replace All The Plastic in Your Wallet – Video Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

It might be gift cards, it might be reward cards whatever loyalty cards you might have taking up the space in your wallet, 1Card app is the replacement. If you’re like me and collect a lot of reward cards then you know just how much it can get on the size of your wallet. The thing is we need these cards and we don’t want to be out and about without them. I carry my iPhone wherever I go so why wouldn’t I get an app that is easy to use, as a powerful organisational platform and allow me to lessen the load on my pocket. 1Card as made my life easier.

Adding your your card is simple but you will need to signup for an account with 1Card, either through their service or using your Facebook credentials. Once you get that done, then off you go adding those cards. The app allows you to add the card by either scanning a retailers barcode, manually entering the details for that card and even snap a photo of the card.

Another feature of the app is the option to redeem coupons if your in a retailers location and get the benefits at the checkout immediately. There are currently not much participating retailers in the United Kingdom but hopefully over time this will change. The app does have quite a few bargains available if you’re in italy. If the wife and I had this app last year when we visited Rome we would have definitely come back with some great bargains.

The app as a great design and simple interface. Once you save your cards, they will be put into a wallet style section. Which looks quite cool. 1Card makes it much more easier to carry around your cards. The beauty and the efficient of the app makes it one worth downloading.

1Card is great app and free which makes it more of a bonus. We do however have an issue with the fact that the app hasn’t got much participating retailers and also not the entire app has been translated to english. This will be a much greater app if there were more retailers participating and if it worked with more of our reward cards but over time and few more updates I’m sure it will be the case.

App Details

Title: 1Card

Price: Free

Category: Lifestyle

Developer: tracknose