Deep Trip Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=3]

Deep Trip is a wonderfully fun-filled little app that will drive you crazy as hell once you get stuck into it. Imagine you are a snake and you have got yourself a little lost. You are slithering and sliding your way through a grass-filled labyrinth of caverns, waterfalls, ponds, jungle and open field. Then suddenly you find yourself ending up in underwater caverns, some of which are filling up fast with water.

These dark and cold caves are slowly becoming your nemesis. You will need to get out or else you will drown and slither into the abyss where your snake life could be in jeopardy. Your task is clear; you must find the exit or just simply get to the end of the cavern before the cavern gets you. Finding your way out of the abyss may sound simple enough but as you are fully aware with any challenge – they have no intention of making it too easy.

To save the little snake does not just involve finding the end or getting out. There is more to it than that. Little snake needs to have skills and technique. Your snake will also need guile, cunning and ingenious ways. You will need fast speedy reactions to all the complicated sequences that beset you in Deep Trip. You will need to be on your guard and at all times. Deep Trip has an uncanny habit of opening one door to freedom, or so you may be led to believe, before opening another door to danger.

That’s right; you can be just leading yourself to believe safety is round the corner when Deep Trip comes up with a door that leads to unknown horrors and imminent dangers. Suddenly you will find the little worm in a position of peril at an unexplored cave or a discovery of danger hidden behind a cave wall.

Deep Trip can be used on both the iPhone and iPad and it has some smart features on it too. For example the way you can very readily ease in with the control and the rules are certainly not difficult to follow. It will only take a second or two until you reach into the mysterious underworld caves that come fraught with danger and looming doom.

You are able to explore an underworld of stonewall caverns, all of which are ready to give up vital clues and secrets that will enable you to set your self free and save the little worm. Even though the game is nice to play, I did find myself bored after about 15 minutes, just seem the worm was swimming aimlessly. It would have been good if it was a sort of complete level game. The graphics is great for a free game. We do like it but it won’t be a game that you will happily play on a commute to work.

App Details

Title: Deep Trip

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Cordof Games

Deep Trip - Cordof Games