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VinScan Barcode Scanner is truly a one of a kind app. A must have app if you’re a mechanic, car salesman or just want to find information about a vehicle. VinScan allows users to easily scan, sort, save and view data about a vehicle. VinScan is quick and easy to use, open the car door scan the Vin number barcode located along the dashboard or the door and if there isn’t a barcode then the app gives you the option to manually enter the details. Once that’s done sit back and watch as the app pulls up a large amount of information about your car.

Information ranging from model, engine type, trim level, gross vehicle weight, acceleration time, horse power and much much more. Each scan we did gave us accurate and precise information. Just about everything data on the car I had in the palm of my hands. Hard to believe that a simple barcode holds so much information and an app that’s able to retrieve it. Whatever is scanned can also easily be saved to view at another time. All data can also be easily send via text or email.

VinScan offers a pay per usage option, $0.10 for every barcode you scan, $0.99 gives you a pack of ten. If you’re a car salesman, that can finish fairly quickly. The app cost $1.99 at the moment and that gets you 30 credits so great if your just an inquisitive person and just want some more details about the BMW you have parked up on the driveway or the Mercedes your friend just brought. I would suggest that the developers look into offering a monthly or yearly service where you will be able to pay for a set time and have the option to scan as much as you want within that period.

That aside VinScan Barcode Scanner is a great app and the best I’ve come across in the app store. It just works.
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Title: VinScan Barcode Scanner

Price: $1.99

Category: Utilities

Developer: Christopher Carney

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