Buzzer Quiz 1 vs 1 – Review

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Buzzer Quiz is a new interactive way to play trivia with your friends, or by yourself. The game has a range of average to very hard questions on everything from sport to geography to history and most everything in between. The questions, while meant to test you, have variations and difficulties, I’m sure someone who only reads a few pop-culture magazines will get a few right.

The quiz is split into 15 questions, within these you have your typical 4 possible answers, with one of those being the right answer and the three others being the wrong answers. Once you think you know the answer, you simply buzz in and choose the correct one.


There is a round in the middle of the quiz where the player must guess whether the noun that is brought up is correspondent to one category, the other, both or none. The player wins points if he successfully guesses or answers what category these are in. Another round, at the end, is the buzzer round, where you buzz in if the noun again matches the category that has been given to you.

At the end, you are given a total, this total goes onto your leaderboards and your family and friends can have a try at getting the highest score possible.

You can play a multiplayer game, which is pretty fun, where you must battle against another (not online) and try and beat them. You do this by buzzing in early and guessing correctly. You lose points if you guess wrong, so don’t be quick on the buzzer!

The game is an all-round fun trivia game, it employees some of the key features we like about trivia, competition, a range of diverse questioning and different types of quiz.

Buzzer Quiz’ interface is very sleek and has some unique features, like the buzzer, which creates an interactive side. The game doesn’t feel rundown, old or low quality, it looks good and there is no lag, except when the game cannot compute your answer, that doesn’t happen too often though.

Music is pretty up-tempo for a trivia game, but it isn’t distracting, in fact, I believe it adds a bit of tension to the game, especially in the later rounds.

Overall, this is a very good trivia game, if people enjoy quizzing or beating their friends, this is definitely the game for you!

App Details

Title: Buzzer Quiz 1 vs 1

Price: $2.99 – £1.49

Category: Utilities

Developer: Benjamin Lochmann

Buzzer Quiz - 1 vs. 1 - Benjamin Lochmann