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I don’t know about you but I love downloading apps and I do so all the time but there is a concern. Recently I went to download an app and it said it wanted permission to send text messages to my friends, update my Facebook status or send Tweets on my account. All of which would be done without my knowledge or approval. It did not say it would specifically go ahead and send the actual messages but that there was a chance it could do so.

I needed to know how much privacy my iPhone had with all the apps I was carrying on it so I stumbled across TrustR. A solution to your security concerns, TrustR scanned my iPhone and identified which apps were giving me real security risks and privacy concerns. Based on its comprehensive information I was quickly able to jump into action and found out which apps were causing vulnerability, privacy intrusions and malware concerns.

TrustR is an app built by experts who work in the field of security and there are regular updates to keep this smack bang up-to-date as you know what security is like. Malware is always trying to stay one step ahead of you so updates on TrustR were most welcome. There is even a free version which will show you the first three security threats all in vast detail. You can even act of those and sample TrustR to see if you like it. I do know that having checked out the lite version initially I was confident to go ahead and purchase the full version and get rid of all my privacy concerns and security threats rather than just be told that there are some present on my smartphone.

It is possible to follow TrustR on Twitter and Facebook too. This way you can keep in touch with other users and the apps developers too. They will tell you what the latest updates are and tips on how to get shot of those apps that are just not right for your smartphone. The problem with apps is that they are mostly all third party and some do not come from a trustworthy source. I found that by running TrustR I was able to identify the security threats and the privacy concerns thus discovering which apps were looking good for the delete button. I think this is one app you can trust.

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Title: TrustR

Price: $3.99 – £2.49

Category: Utilities

Developer: Rookie Aps

TrustR - Rookie ApS

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