PDF Connoisseur For iPad Review

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PDF Connoisseur® for iPad works a treat on my iPad. The way this wonderful handy little app works is by completing business tasks in such a way that it just creates a series of tasks for you that you would normally try and achieve yourself through a series of events and structures. You can save any text or articles to PDF file and also convert your text into speech, a really handy tool if you prefer to listen rather than read.

There is a handy little feature where PDF Connoisseur® for iPad will convert all forms and fill them in for you. This of course will save you time filling out your name and address, or indeed the name and address of any others over and over again. It will do contract signing and transfer your files for you to wherever you ask it to. PDF Connoisseur® for iPad is like having your own little secretary working for you. It will also scan files and use annotation too. You see, PDF Connoisseur® for iPad is like replacing your bulky briefcase and putting everything onto PDF Connoisseur® for iPad. Your next step is transferring it all on to your iPad.

If you spend a lot of time reading articles and document after document it can be harmful to the eyes. So what better way than to allow your PDF Connoisseur® for iPad to read you your documents for you? It has an inbuilt voice that will clearly read out loud to you your article or document in any language that you so desire. Allow yourself a rest and let the PDF Connoisseur® for iPad do the reading for you while you just get on with other tasks. I know I did and it allowed me to half listen to some CVs I wanted to hear without having to scan all over them.

The great thing about the voice engine was that it did not sound like some one impersonating Stephen Hawking, but a natural sounding voice and also one that you could choose too. I prefer a female voice rather than a harsh male voice as the male voices do often sound a little too camp for me. You can even speed up the voice on the PDF Connoisseur® for iPad too, if you feel it is reading the text all a bit slowly. I liked the way it could reading German and French too.

App Details

Title: PDF Connoisseur® for iPad

Price: $9.99

Category: Business

Developer: Kdan Mobile Software Limited

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