GeoEmpires Review

iPhoneGlance Rating: [rating=4]

Foursquare invented the “mayor” area, when you visit a place a lot, now, GeoEmpires has went a step further, they’ve thrown you into a map, where you must find gold and take over territory. This game, without a doubt, is one of the most interactive and fun games I’ve ever played. It is a location based game, a novelty game, like Monopoly Raider Edition and a pin locator, all wrapped into one.

I cannot quite explain the ingredient that makes GeoEmpires such an adventurous and fun game; it is probably combining the virtual iPhone side with the reality of walking the streets and trying to find the correct plunder spot. Whatever the ingredient is, it has made me closer than ever to giving an app those glorious 5 out of 5 stars!

Even though this sounds awfully weird, I mean, finding plunder in your back-alley next to your neighbour’s garage is a bit of an extreme addiction to an app, but it is fun. You have to give it a try to see if you like it, but I would say that anyone that enjoys getting out, even if it is just walking the dog, will find this game fun.

The games interface is pretty shambolic though, I would’ve expected a more finished concept, and this seems a bit poor grade. The maps work efficiently, but repetition and boring images make it seems a little lacklustre.

Overall, the game provides a beautiful and fun way to get out and about, with hilarious quests to find plunder and take over people’s territory, you may either find this game is for you, or you aren’t a Pirate. Whatever the case, I would definitely ask you to try it out, as you never know, you may find it fun!

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Title: GeoEmpires

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Archae s.r.o

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