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Many years ago I was sent on a Time Management Course by my employers. They wanted me to utilize my time and work out how I can get projects and tasks complete and still leave myself with plenty of time to do all the things that I wanted to do around that time. If your life is full of events that are not necessarily full and overwhelming then this app, Assistant – Creation of Events Easier than Ever, is probably not going to be your cup of tea.

This is an app that is suited for those who are on the go, active, always busy and successful in their business. We have just 24 hours in any given day and there are times we must rest and times we must work and of course play. We need help to manage our time and Assistant – Creation of Events Easier than Ever, really does help to unlock spare time in a way that gives you extra hours in a day.

Do you find that you value every single minute of your precious time? I know I do and I think Assistant – Creation of Events Easier than Ever, allows us to add meetings and calls to your calendar and receive gentle reminders of those events in the form of push notifications. Brilliant, I thought, just as I had forgotten a meeting I had scheduled on Monday but it is unlikely that missed appointment will happen again. Reminders arrive in the form of push notifications.

There are a couple of ways to add a meeting or event to your calendar. You can add any event like a meeting with a sales client, a concert of theatre show, a football match being televised or even your own anniversary. First method is to add the assistant links to the contacts notepad which can be found in your address book. The second method is to add through the assistant app. It really is like having your own personal secretary. Let us say for example you are on the phone and have just spoken to a client who wants to meet up at 4pm on Friday. After the call has ended just click the assistant link and set the date of the event.

Through the assistant application you will not have to go searching for your clients name, instead simply select it from the contacts list or address book and set the moment in your calendar.

Very useful and convenient app. Easy to use and a must have for your iPhone.

App Details

Title: Assistant – Creations of Events Easier than Ever

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

Category: Business

Developer: SensLab

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