Word Cracker, The Fun and Challenging Word Game To Keep you Busy

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Word Cracker is an outpouring of fun and will leave you flabbergasted by the wonderful English language. It is both addictive and awesome and totally easy to play. It does not matter if you play this with your chums or like me and play alone, Word Cracker will get you hooked. I played this superb language skills game on a long coach 250-mile coach journey and I really did not know how the time went so quickly.

I honestly believe I shall let the kids have a go on this game as I believe it will educate them, particularly as years of texting have left their word-power knowledge severely stretched. Plus with the summer holidays on the way it’s an ideal time to keep the critters busy and educate them at the same time.

Word Cracker was for me a clean and focused gaming experience with no hefty add-ons. Word Cracker is one of the best word games out on the market for your iPhone or iPad. The way you play is to put missing vowels (a,e,i,o and u) into a slew of letters that are only consonants. Your task is to figure out where the vowels go and complete the word. You can make it easier for yourself, which is ideal for children or starters, by placing dashes or spaces within the word where the vowels should be placed.

The great thing about Word Cracker is there are so many ways in which you can play. You can play against yourself and challenge your own previous high score. Alternatively why not challenge a friend who has Word Cracker on their iPad or iPhone. You can connect easily with a friend regardless of where they are in the world. There is a hint indicator on the game too which you can turn on or off depending on the difficulty level you want to play.

I found it great that you can earn extra points for more challenging words. If you decide to turn off the helping hand indicator (which shows you where the vowels go) you can gain more points, which I thought was only fair after all. You can also see your local highest score on the home screen so you can proudly show your friends how well you have done. It will also compare your high score with the Game Centre leader boards giving you even more incentive to get cracking on those words.

Word Cracker is challenging and absolutely fun. Grab it for only $1.99 -£1.49.

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Title: Word Cracker

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

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Developer: EOZ Games LLC

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