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GoodReader for iPad is a very robust app that allows you to view your PDF files with ease. The wonderfully well written app has made the biggest names in app reviewers and internet media analysts speak highly of this app. Mashable, for example believe this app to be ‘awesome’ and I have to admit it pretty much does a lot and everything that it says on the tin.

GoodReader for iPad works as app that allows you read anything just about anywhere. Books and maps for example are made easy with GoodReader and you can view images and movies too with ease. In time you will be asking yourself how you ever managed to go without GoodReader for iPad. It takes on even the biggest files such as content rich and bulky PDF files. I once had a virtual book of 93 pages in one PDF file and it handled it with ease. I also had a car manual for my Vauxhall Nova which was basically like a maintenance manual, I cannot remember exactly how many pages it was in the end but it was as big as any Haines manual and once again GoodReader for iPad handled it all with ease.


The app can easily handle files of up to 120Mb and more with great speed and alacrity. It is able to mark up PDF files so iPad users can use typewriter text boxes and sticky notes as well as fresh and drawing on the PDF document itself. The great thing about GoodReader for iPad is that it handles just about anything you could throw in its path. I have tons of Microsoft Office documents like Word documents, PowerPoint files and Excel Spreadsheets; it can take them all on.

It naturally handles Apple document products with ease too; such is the versatile nature of GoodReader. My sister has a Mac book and she uses iWork 2008, no problems there and of course it can read HTML archives from the web and Safari websites. I also loved the way it handled high resolution images. I have a 12 mega-pixel camera now and was pleased that GoodReader was able to effectively handle the detail and maintain its clarity when viewing on GoodReader for iPad.

GoodReader for iPad is a one of a kind app and prefect for enterprise. GoodReader is available for both iPad and iPhone and priced very reasonable for the vast array of features it carries. You can read more about GoodReader here.

App Details

Title: GoodReader For iPad

Price: $4.99 – £2.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Yuri Selukoff

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