Max Power Adventures – Review

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This fun game really is a rich gaming experience throughout. Max Power Adventures simply has a great format that I found was a well written storyline or theme and this conspired to make some interesting times as you help Max Power to save the day. Here is how it works; Max Power fancies Princess Ceksie but she has been kidnapped by the awful Mr Evil. Yes, I know the names are a little obvious and the plot not so original but I decided to bear with it and suddenly it became interesting as our hero (or your hero) Max Power gets his act together and attempts to try and save the Princess.

Max Power Adventures sees our hero gather tools or friends to battle against the enemies and the nastier evils. There are 15 different missions Max Power can indulge in to save poor Princess Ceksie and some of them are rather amusing to say the least. There is a lot of cartoon style violence in this but no more than you would see in Itchy and Scratchy or Tom and Jerry. Max Power Adventures has a great deal of programming on it for your money. For example there were more than 15 hours of gaming play time and if you wish to play for just a short while it is possible to use a feature that stops the game by saving your position (and the positions of Max Power, Princess Ceksie and friends) anywhere on the map.

On Max Power Adventures the game has a sense of humour and is always trying to make you laugh hysterically with often with satirical humour. You can get to team up with characters that have real character, ones that you will remember and you will face evil foes that in the end you will find more amusing rather than scary or worrying. You can battle against your enemies in battles that emulate the classic style of RPG graphics. It does mean you will require much in the way of strategy if you are to defeat the enemy and help Max Power to recapture the heart of Princess Ceksie.

All in all a great game that has fun written all over it and ways to build you army up by recruiting new friends and partners from 16 different classes. There are even great ways to organize the 24-man armies into small battalions to help you devise a strategy to save Princess Ceksie.

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Title: Max Power Adventures

Price: $2.99 – £1.99

Category: Games

Developer: Max Power Studios

Max Power Adventures - Max Power Studios