Crap You Can’t Forget – Review

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Crap You Can’t Forget is an app that works a treat on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The great thing about this app is as well as being somewhat handy, it is also very humorous. Traditionally we may write on a toilet roll or the bathroom door all the things we need to remind ourselves of.

So what are the key features I found in this highly amusing but very handy app? Well for starters it will create folders to organize all your apps into and it can all be password protected so the wife will never know of that reminder you entered to buy her that new dress for her birthday.

It also allows you to set up audio reminders for those important events. You are able to share the less private notes and reminders to your email as well as your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This great app also allows you to speak into your device and record a note whilst you are driving or walking down the road. The places feature on Crap You Can’t Forget allows you to tag the place where the note was created. I used this recently on a pub crawl as I wanted to monitor how many drinks I consumed and in which bars. As I walked into each bar on my chum’s stag night do, I ordered my drink and spoke into the app via my iPhone. The app knows where you are, all you have to do is tell what you drank and if needed what price you paid for that drink. There was no more tearing my hair out in the morning wondering how I spent so much money and you can find out the real reason why you have a hangover.

The feature also adds time stamps to the moment when the note was made and can easily add video or images to accompany any notes. I added some video to one or two of the bars I attended. It certainly helps to remember those forgotten shenanigans. It is also possible to share these funny notes onto Twitter or Facebook so even the hen party can see what we were getting up to. Of course you may have a different need for its use but I loved the toilet roll humour and the funniest thing was when I deleted one particular note, it made a sound like a toilet flushing! Brilliant!

App Details

Title: Crap You Can’t Forget

Price: $2.99 – £1.49

Category: Productivity

Developer: Michael Bowen

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