iExplorer HD for iPad – Review

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iExplorer HD for your iPad is a handy tools for those wanting to manage and view files on servers that are remote from your current location. I have several drives out on the web that hold my files and iExplorer HD for your iPad allows you clean access to them.

Recently Google Drive was launched and I shifted around 5gb of information from my PC to the drive. Now when I go around the country and settle in my hotel room with my iPad, I am able to access my remote server files easily and conveniently thanks to iExplorer HD for your iPad. It is not just the cloud servers like Google Drive, Sky Drive, CloudMe, Box, DropBox, Google Docs and Microsoft Live Mesh that it can access but Windows sharing servers too.

iExplorer HD is also brilliant for an eBook reading tool. It will also play media files like your music videos and other streaming media. It will act as a work assistant and image viewer also. All in all a great tool for showing your clients the images you took in the company you visited the day before, helping you seal that contract.

iExplorer HD is also able to read PDF files, including those with content-rich media. I recently had a 310-page report on a PDF file and iExplorer HD for your iPad handled it with no problem whatsoever. It also manages ePublications and CHM files.

I did like the idea of iExplorer HD for your iPad playing music and videos without unnecessarily copying the token file to my iPad every time. I do remember the pain I endured with Windows PC when every YouTube video, every song and every webpage I opened left a file on my hard drive. iExplorer HD does get around this problem by not loading the little cookie to your hard drive every single time.

The new version is said to be much improved on the original. The new version is strong in user interface and functional. Transferring files is also a dream with iExplorer HD for your iPad, whether it be files, sub-folders or folders, iExplorer HD for your iPad transfers them cleanly and easily between your Cloud drives or remote servers and your iPad.

The app has some amazing new features, which makes things much easier for a user. Features such as:

  • Powerful file manager which allows user to copy, move, delete, email, sort, open in files on iPhone/iPad or Windows sharing server/FTP server/WebDAV server/Cloud server(DropBox,, Google Docs, SkyDrive …)
  •  Search/filter files on iPhone/iPad or remote servers
  • Sync files and view offline documents if the server is unreachable
  • Stream video/audio on remote servers(Windows sharing files/FTP server/WebDAV server/DropBox/Box.Net/SkyDrive …)
  • eBook reader (support CHM, PDF, ePub, large text/PDB files …) with bookmark/outline support
  • Edit spreadsheets on Google Docs. Save Google Docs document to different format (MS office documents, Open offices documents, PDF, rtf, txt, jpg, png)
  • Print and tweet any viewable documents (PDF, ePub, Microsoft office documents, iWork documents, html, photos, CHM, text …)

iExplorer HD is a powerful and useful app. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Grab it from the App Store

App Details

Title: iExplorer HD

Price: $4.99 – £2.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Zhigang Chen

iExplorer HD - Zhigang Chen