MacBrickout iPhone Game Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Have you ever thought of a challenge where you can get through as many as 27 levels and to think you and you alone stand in the way of completing those levels? MacBrickout is a game that works a treat on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Another little thing in your way to advancing through the 27 levels is those pesky little bubbles.

The basic idea and strategy behind the game is to catch falling capsules and make sure you avoid the bubbles with a red background and a black cross or “X” as these are your enemies. Then you have to find and collect hidden fruit and vegetables, tame a character called the Umphee, then found out what the secret is in the pearl. The music in the game is very good and thrilling and I found the graphics well sharp.

Whilst all these challenges are beleaguering you to advance to the 27th level, you must still keep your wits about you and fill your treasure chest up. If you can master the bonus levels you are well on your way to succeeding in MacBrickout. There are several challenges along the way and another one of them is where you have to write some graffiti in the sound. You are also expected to score highly if you want to advance in MacBrickout. It is no good simply trying all the tasks and completing them if your score is low.

All in all, MacBrickout sets you up with one challenge after another. You really do not want to be one of those people who attempts to play MacBrickout and give up after just one go. The challenge may be tough but remember when the going gets tough the tough get MacBrickout!

It is totally free to download but there are some in-app features which you need to pay for and they will unlock things like the full version where you get free balls, balls to bomb with, lasers and bricks that play a tune plus lasers and extra bonus levels. You can also purchase a feature to help you unlock all the levels which is quicker than unlocking them one at a time.

There is a Super Umphee Ball; this feature allows you blast straight through to the next level. MacBrickout has the feel of a traditional style game but some fantastic designs on each of the levels.

App Details

Title: MacBrickout

Price: Free (in-app purchase)

Category: Games

Developer: Carson Whitsett

MacBrickout - Carson Whitsett