Unlock Over 300 Emoji Icons With Emoji 2 – 300+ New Emoji 2 for iOS – Review

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This brilliant new app allows you to unlock more than 300 new emoticons onto your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Imagine being able to have access to a cute panda bear face, a crying tiger or a sun wearing sunglasses. These are just three of the many different emoticons Emoji 2 – 300+ New Emoji 2 can display as a keyboard on your iPhone. You can really impress your friends and buddies with this app. There are so many of the small little emoticons that you could in theory simply allow them to speak their own language. Instead of saying goodbye, why not use the waving hand emoticon?

Emoji 2 – 300+ New Emoji 2 comes along with a video tutorial which shows you how to set up and use the keyboard to input the new Emoji emoticons and remember there are more than 300 of them. If you have a keyboard for iOS4 and iPhone 4 or OS 3.x then there is an option to install Enable 600+ older Emoji emoticons. Now it must be hard to imagine the many uses one could utilize when you have in excess of 600 emoticons which are indeed what you will have if you have the right keyboard set-up.

You can say some cheeky things to your friends with the flashing rear emoticon and the tearful face emoticon can be used to display sadness. There is also an emo emoticon that brushes its long fringe to one side whilst looking thoroughly sad. If anything this Emoji 2 – 300+ New Emoji 2 app is very humourous and will make you smile every time you write something to your friends.

One of the best features on Emoji 2 – 300+ New Emoji 2 was the talk and walk feature. It basically allows you walk down the street and type without bashing into a lamp post or another person. That is because it displays a transparent viewpoint showing directly what is in front of you whilst you then can happily walk and type. It is great for avoiding those awkward obstacles while walking and typing at the same time. I remember seeing a video of a woman who walked straight into a shopping mall pond while walking and texting on her mobile phone. The whole incident was captured on closed circuit television but with Emoji 2 – 300+ New Emoji 2 you will have no worries of something similar happening to you.

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