Interview With Mike Bowen Developer of iOS App Crap You Cant Forget

We have another developers interview and this time it’s with mind behind the app Crap You Can’t Forget. We love hearing the thoughts of developers, it’s quite interesting to get an incite into the world of App development. Crap You Can’t Forget is a note taking app for iDevice that adds a bit of humour.

Please introduce yourself, company and your app?

  • My name is Mike Bowen and I am the CEO of BonezalesProductions, the humorous minds behind the app “Crap You Can’t Forget.” A funny note-taking app that’s jam-packed with great features.

Brief explanation of how long it took to develop your app?

  • The original time frame was 2 months for the project, however we ran 3 months over that estimate due to adding more features and fine- tuning the application to deliver a great product.

Where did the idea for your app come from?

  • My girlfriend and I we’re discussing what was missing from the app store in terms of productivity apps. We researched and agreed that there was a good amount of note taking apps, however most of them were missing certain features such as; password protection, ability to share to social networks, and the most important, a great sense of humor. We started to kick around ideas at my expense because I’ve been known to jot quick notes down on anything from my hand to a pillowcase and that led to the idea of writing notes on a roll of toilet paper.

How do you promote your app?

  • Being fairly new to this field, we initially started promoting through our Facebook page and Twitter. Through many hours of researching better strategies, I started to reach out to review sites asking if they would be willing to do up an article or review our app.

In your opinion, what does it take to be successful on the App Store?

  • At this point I would say maintaining good visibility, having an extremely good product worth the price, and not giving up. Being persistent in a polite manner goes a long way.

Where would you like your app to be in the next 6 months?

  • Our current goal is to be ranked in the top ten in our apps productivity category. Our long- term goal is to be in the top 25 – 50 rank in the top charts.

Any advice to upcoming or already established developers on how to make their app a success.

  • To upcoming independent developers my best advice is to be patient in the process and make sure to have an original, solid idea that is polished. The competition is brutal going against huge companies with endless budgets. It can be a long road from starting a project to going live on the app store but don’t think once your app goes live that your work is done. Assuming your working with a much smaller budget than the creators of Angry Birds, plan on working 10x harder in marketing your app and gaining visibility. It’s like I’ve told my team a hundred times, “you can’t sell a million copies of an app without a million people realizing it’s there.”

Are you working on any new apps?

  • We’re currently adding more features to our newly released app “Crap You Can’t Forget” and hoping to generate enough revenue to start our next project, which is a very huge, complex game.

Thank you very much for your time. Enjoy the funniest and best note-taking app out there called “Crap You Can’t Forget.” Its available on the App Store for $1.99 – £1.49.

Crap You Can't Forget - Bonezales Productions