AstroWings3 ICARUS on iOS is One Epic Space Battle – Review

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Designed for both platforms of the Apple products iPhone and iPad, Astrowings 3 – Icarus boasts more than two million players. I am a big sci-fi fan and this outer space, intergalactic battle zone is pretty epic and involves killing enemies and enemy squadrons ad infinitum.

Everyone enjoys a really good fire fight and Astrowings 3 – Icarus will give you that thrill in an intergalactic sense of the word from the word go! All you need to do is to arm yourself with the entire latest alien killer sensation. This instalment happens to be the third one of the Astrowings series and has all the sparkle and intergalactic magic of the first two. The third instalment has some real neat new features that I will go over with you later in this review. The Astrowings trilogy is well known among its users as a little bit addictive, particularly with its very addictive vertically scrolling space battle method.

This hail of bullets is really adrenalin pumping and delivers users for this version new aircraft and space craft as well as improved weaponry and little add-ons that are tailor-made to wreak havoc on your enemies and alien terror masters. This really is the most gruesome Astrowings series yet. In Astrowings 3 – Icarus the game places you firmly in the cockpit as the bold Hera; she is a goddess of battle to her many followers and will often plunge you into a battle where there can only be one winner. The battles rage between old gods and demigods who think they own the universe.

Hera really is someone who emulates Icarus and shares the same desires he once had to rule the sky and anything that may do battle within it. Hera will often deny her enemies even the slightest piece of airspace as she seeks to dominate the skies. Hera has lightning fast reaction times and swift tactical knowledge of the skies and at times they are very much tested and needed.

In Astrowings 3 – Icarus you will come face to face with bullet intensity that will take your breath away and stop your heart. Astrowings 3 – Icarus will capture your imagination and hold your attentions hostage in a thrilling and much improved battle of the skies. You will look after the galaxy and defend the skies against the enemy in the best Astrowings series yet – Astrowings 3 – Icarus!

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