Love Plants, Then Grab Green Up For Your iDevice – Review

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Are you environmentally friendly and love plants? Then this green app called Green Up is probably right up your street (or should that be garden?). Green Up is an educational app for all the family and it should not be confused with Farmville or other farm growing apps because it has its own agenda. You can grow field of strawberries in the middle of the forest. Green Up allows you to grow palm trees in a desert. In fact Green Up allows you to do just about anything you could possibly hope not to do in the real world.

The app also has a facility to allow you to grow carnivorous plants in a jungle. So straight away this app, as you could so easily imagine, is producing a spectacle of sublime graphics. In fact this app game has four different landscapes you can choose from. Each one of them is graphically wonderful and if you are a nature lover you will warm to this app.

The four different landscapes allow the app to give each landscape different temperatures and climate patterns. One jungle type landscape has its own tropical rainfall where hard rain hammers down once a day for around an hour during a period of high humidity. The app works a treat on the iPad as well as your iPhone and is very educational so would be ideal for your kids to get involved in too. It will keep them away from those banal “shoot ’em up” games!

Green Up gets your kids learning how to learn the basics of green culture and biodiversity. The app divides the earth up in two (northern hemispheres and southern hemisphere) where the cold winter months may be shivering the north and the warm summer blesses the southern hemisphere.

Each climate seems to have its own features which serve to change the landscape of the world. I mean, don’t expect to grow plants without getting some rain. Insect pests will at times infiltrate your crop and astonishingly you will have access to pesticides you can use. However, be careful because using pesticides does not always turn out to be the right thing to do when dealing with pests.

Green Up will teach you and your child that you should grow plants only in the natural environment that its habitat thrives in. Green Up is educational, inspiring and very green.

App Details

Title: Green Up

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

Category: Education

Developer: Raquel Sanchez Anzola

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