Apocalypse Knights – Endless Fighting with Blessed Weapons and Sacred Steeds: Review

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Apocalypse Knights is a free game with lots of action – this is just how I like it.  Your role in this is the mercurial knight who must try and retake the dark lands that were previously taken away by means of occupation. As a knight I was availed to some great weaponry, a full protective shield of armour and a host of skills. The knight even gets to ride atop a holy horse!

The game is set in the not too distant future and I was a knight facing demons who were previously incarcerated in ice-tombs either in the Arctic or Antarctic frozen wastelands. However a future earth has seen the ice caps melt away through global warming and released demons once frozen from the mountains of the Arctic region and Antarctica.

However as the knight you will have plenty of ammunition to do battle with but it will not be easy. The knight has access to refined weaponry, biochemical mounts and a whole range of skills. You can conquer the devils and the demons in a number of different ways. Therefore you will need to get your strategy right. In fact, as you progress you can have the points available to attack more vehemently. You will have the ultimate availability to unleash those ultimate skills to fight against the demons. In fact, each weapon is blessed with a certain type of skill. Some have some very cool moves and you can collect as many of these weapons as you can. Players can choose from 2 different play mode: a classic arcade combat mode and a zombie rush mode. The developers are set to release more game modes soon.

I have to admit the amount of arsenal at my disposal left me thinking that this whole game would be too easy and not enough of a challenge. Your horse is your partner and buddy and the weaponry you can collect should be enough to defeat a whole army. There is even a way whereby you can enjoy super-fast speeds while smashing down barriers; that was all a great deal of fun. The game also provides a community function: players can invite their friends (via Game Center) as their “mercenary sidekick”.  A sidekick, who will automatically attack monsters, is controlled by CPU.  When your friend upgrade his/her weapons and armor, his clone sidekick in your game will upgrade its weapons and armor accordingly.

Apocalypse Knights is a great way to experience defeating monsters with a whole host of weaponry and different mounts. There are 10 different levels of difficulty and around six different scenario settings. The monsters on Apocalypse Knights – Endless Fighting with Blessed Weapons and Sacred Steeds are endless and evil. Good luck with trying to kill them!

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Title: Apocalypse Knights – Endless Fighting with Blessed Weapons and Sacred Steeds

Price: Free in-app purchases available

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Developer: Interserv International

Apocalypse Knights - Endless Fighting with Blessed Weapons and Sacred Steeds - InterServ International Inc.