Create Two Pictures in One With iOS App Dubblen – Review

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You’ll be forgiven for thinking this free app will make you see double. That is because Dubblen is a camera that can actually help you to create two images in one. The app runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and makes a unique usage of your camera. All you have to do is shake your hand and then run to a new position and find yourself in two locations. It is just like magic, your friends will think you have a long lost friend or twin.

The app is free and centred on the fun market and fun it really is. Even though you are but one person, Dubblen makes you become two. The app is not difficult to work and the way it works is the lens is virtually split in two and you must take your first image on the left hand side of the photo which leaves the right hand side of the camera to become active. You can then take a picture using the right hand side of the image. The outcome is an image of your subject in the left and the right of the picture.

Your pictures can be saved to the app store library that Dubblen runs. If other people join Dubblen, and don’t forget it’s free, then they can share with you their images and you can become a follower of theirs too. Your images can also be saved to your iPad or iPhone image library as well as the app’s own folders. It is very simple to share these images to all your friends and family on Facebook as well as your Twitter followers or if you have a Tumblr account then share among your friends and followers there too.

All you have to do is take an image with Dubblen and then email your or text message your friends or family and tell them all about the Dubblen app and the images you have taken with the app. Maybe you could attach an image or two within the email and send to family members, after all those pictures are stored in your iPhone or iPad library.

The range of features on Dubblen is huge; saved share setting allows you to log into Facebook or Twitter and then find you are already logged into Dubblen as the accounts are linked. There is a facility to switch this linking off should you wish.

App Details

Title: Dubblen

Price: Free

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Sheena Allen Apps

Dubblen - Sheena Allen Apps