Fish With Attitude – Video Review

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Fishes are probably the easiest pets to take care of but sometimes things do go wrong. Forgetting to feed then, or a cat in your home is two of the main problems. But with the iOS app Fish With Attitude you need not worry about any of that. Breed your tank of fishes with no issues and a lot of fun. The app is like having a fish tank, minus the cleaning and the constant changing of the water. If you’re looking for a management arcade game then look no further.

You start off with a single tank and one fish and by the time you’re done breeding your pets you will probably be able to run a pet store. However the fun starts when you send your fish to dig for treasures, see then interact in different ways, feed them or have them complete tasks the game sets.  There is so much you can do and so much to achieve. When your fishes are happy, collect coins from them and upgrade them to get even more rewards. Some fish will be either mean, nerdy, nice or flirty, they do have attitudes. The great thing is you can pair any type of fish to see the outcome of their offspring.

The gameplay, the sound and the graphics are absolutely superb. Everything about the game seems so realistic. Tap the iPhone screen and the fish will run to the other side, just like a real tank. Every fish as it’s own personality and with so much attitude in a small space, you just know what will happen. Navigation throughout the game cannot be any simpler . We like the that you’re able to customise your tank with decorations and wallpaper to keep your fish happy. Another thing that will make the fish happy are toys.

The game is well put together. But what is best of all is, the app is free. There are in-app purchase that allows the player to enhance their gameplay, which might be good if you want to get things done quicker. Fish With Attitude is a game to love, and we love it.

App Details

Title: Fish With Attitude

Price: Free – in-app purchase available

Category: Games

Developer: Crowdstar Inc

Fish with Attitude - Crowdstar Inc