Pantrix A Simple Tetris Clone on the iPhone – Review

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Pantrix is one of those classic little game apps where you have to break rows of colourful blocks, just like the well known tetris. Pantrix is available in 14 different languages, so there is a Pantrix for everyone in the world. The game itself is more of a challenge than normal break rows games. There are 14 different blocks all designed to mark the concept more of a challenge.

In Pantrix you need to tap on the screen to turn the blocks around. You can move the blocks from left to right and use the scrolling bar to drop the blocks down. There is a support centre if things get tough and you need some tips. If you become really good at the game, you could find yourself atop the leader board. Imagine that, getting so good at the moving of those blocks that your name appears on everyone’s leader board figures.

As well as the leader board you could also check out the achievements board. This allows you to see which trophies you have won and what top level skills you possess. As you improve and get better at Pantrix, you will begin to thrive and make more inroads and your achievements board will start to show more trophies and skills sets.

Pantrix is compatible with the iPhone and the iPad and will work happily on your iPod Touch (third generation and fourth). The only thing I found with Pantrix is that you will need iOS version 5.0 (or later version) at least in order to download it. It is one of those block moving games that can be called a classic.

I did find it very easy to play and just tapping on the screen to make it rotate the blocks, it proved to be a real easy game to play but not so easy to succeed. But therein lies the classic game challenge as Pantrix will make you work hard to effect success and after all that’s what us gamers always want.

The music on the app is very appealing and I was inspired by the great colour ranges and graphics on Pantrix. All in all great game, a good time-waster and cool app to play on that long bus journey. Great clone of the classic tetris.

App Details

Title: Pantrix

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Alessandro Todaro

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