BuzzE Social Networking Review

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If you thought social network sites like Google+ and Facebook could do with a bit of a rival then you may have well found it in BuzzE Social Networking. The latest app in social networking is a cool and friendly app that allows you to make new chums and mates from around the world. You could even make friends from just down the street if you prefer. Distance is no objet to your new and developing friendship skills on BuzzE Social Networking.

It is real person to person chatting and you will need to be over 15 years old to join the party on BuzzE Social Networking. So what was I able to achieve once on BuzzE Social Networking? At first you meet other BuzzE networkers from all over the world. If you wish you can meet someone who is in your very own town.

You can swap images of the things you did on holiday or a party you recently had or better still send a video of you and your pals back home having a great time at the barbecue you attended on July 4. Then send that video to your BuzzE Social Networking friends. It is a real social networking system that works. You can join in on conversations or debates about a certain subjects. Chat happily away about your favourite band or your football club. You can even get serious and argue who likes the Republicans and the Democrats and chat politics, if that’s your bag.

Then you can join in a conversation stream that somebody has posted on their wall as a status remark. You can even place something you like yourself on here and get the entire BuzzE Social Networking community to raise their collective eyebrows at your latest saying of the day.

You can even send virtual gifts to your friends and other BuzzE Social Networking users. The more you use BuzzE Social Networking, the more gifts you will unlock to give out to all of your friends. But you will not have to concern yourself with privacy or issues of abusive users as BuzzE Social Networking moderators work online and make sure people are keeping the conversations fun and social able.

If you have been searching for that app to make new friends from all corners of the globe then BuzzE Social Networking is the one you should be looking to download on your iPhone, and above all it’s free!

App Details

Title: BuzzE Social Networking

Price: Free

Category: Social Networking

Developer: Frendz LLC

BuzzE Social Networking - Frendz LLC