Napoleon, The Classic Puzzle Game For Anyone – Review and Giveaway

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This wonderful little app has made the top 100 rankings in Denmark and here is why; it is a fun game and is in the format of a classic puzzle game. It is designed for one player so it will be ideal for those who are on a long coach journey and travelling alone or just someone who likes to play classic puzzle games while everybody else just watches the television.

Napoleon will perfect your skills and improve your logical thinking. Tactical skills are required to be the best at this game and if anything, playing Napoleon will make you a better tactician. Basically, Napoleon is like Solitaire; it is easy to play but very hard to accomplish the puzzle itself.

When you play Napoleon you will be entertained by a series of classical period style music. It’s all rather regal in fact and very simple to play. The idea is to simply go through all the levels (there are around 24 levels each getting a little harder as you progress) and see how far you can get. The colours and fonts are all in classical design and the playing experience tends to be marketed toward the serious player who wants to improve strategy, tactical skills and practical ways of winning in a game that seems to frustrate players rather than leave them full of joy.

Solitaire is a card game but it can also be a game played with marbles that hop over each other. Napoleon is the latter form of Solitaire. The general idea is to leave one marble in the middle of centre of the game board. In Napoleon you have several different boards to play with and each one becomes progressively more difficult.

When you first check out Napoleon, your first instinct will be to think how difficult this game actually is. It certainly is not as easy at first glance as you think it might be. The app is handy as it records the length of time you have taken to complete each of the levels and rates your score with stars too. It works a treat on your iPhone or iPad so it really will be ideal for that long train or coach journey you will find you have to take. I played it recently on a 120-mile road trip and time seemed to pass three times more quickly, all thanks to Napoleon.

I do wish there was some instructions that explains what you should do but I guess thats the idea. To have the player guessing how on earth do I play this game and after about 5 minutes you understand just what to do. All in all a great game with a twist, fun and challenging at the same time. The graphics and sounds are good.

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Title: Napoleon

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