Roulette King InsightBet-TURBO Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=3]

Betting with real money is a serious game and if you don’t do it with a straight head you can lose a large sum of money. Roulette King InsightBet-TURBO is the newly updated app to help you bet  a bit more accurately. The most brilliant minds in the world cannot grasp the whole roulette concept. Roulette King a strategy app that will provide users with some technical and useful tips to better themselves in game of Roulette.

Initial launch of the application will sort of put the none professional in a daze. There is so much information on the iPad screen that make the app seem a bit complicated. Thankfully in the bottom menu you will find some extensive instructions that will definitely help you along the way. I have to admit I am no Roulette professional. When you finally get the hang of the app you will no doubt be enjoying but for me even after a few plays I still wasn’t able to grasp as much as I would like to. To start the game you enter the dealer’s name found in the top left hand section. The game statistics can be recorded as soon as you start playing.

I have to admit for me the game is complicated, but that is simply because I don’t know much about roulette. Perhaps this is worth checking out if your know the roulette game. The graphics are simple as they get and sound is none existent. The developers could have added some sound to make things a bit more interesting. Roulette King InsightBet is not for me but there is a market for it, judging from the overall 5 star rating it has received in the iTunes store. The app is made for iPad a cost a huge $19.99 – £13.99

We must note that gambling is a serious thing and people who decides to take up betting should make sure they are aware of the risk and don’t go betting more money than they can afford.

App Details

Title: Roulette King InsightBet-TURBO

Price: $19.99 – £13.99

Category: Utilities

Developer: Yang Li

Roulette King InsightBet-TURBO  (designed for betting accurately) - Yang Li