Amazing Alex To Drop July 12 Available For Both iOS and Android (Update: Available)

The guys behind the hugely popular app Angry Birds, Rovio, gave hints last week that they will be launching their new puzzle game Amazing Alex sometime this month. Little did we now it would be so early in the month. The developers released a trailer and announced that Amazing Alex will be available for  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch this Thursday, July 12.

Rovio recently acquired Casey’s Contraptions, an amazingly addictive puzzle game that was developed by  Mystery Coconut and Snappy Dragon and after adding some of the Rovio magic to it, the new results are Amazing Alex. The game challenges the player to think hard. Combine objects and building contraptions to solve levels. From the developers, ‘awesome physics puzzle’, ‘100 levels and free updates’ and ‘create and share your own level’.

Angry Birds proved to be a number one hit for the developers and now they have grown into a multi-million dollar company. Licensing plush toys, and other Angry Birds merchandise and plans to even make an animated film. It looks like it’s not over because now they have Amazing Alex to turn into a huge franchise and from the looks of the trailer, so it will be. Check out the trailer below.

The Launch Trailer:

I can’t get enough of Angry Birds and I can already tell it’s going to be the same for Amazing Alex. More details can be found on Amazing Alex Facebook page.