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Learn Your Way is an ideal app for the little kiddies. My daughter used this app and appears to get hours of fun from it and learns a lot along the way. The idea is that the kids need to match images with words that they will later learn and use a lot in everyday life. There are levels of difficulty in the game, although I am at pain to say difficult, more slightly less easy than the previous level. All in all kids will learn to use their memories and recognition skills to complete the tasks.

Learn Your Way can easily be backtracked to previous levels to see if the kids can improve on their scores. All in all it’s quite simple. The children can play level one and then advance to level two and eventually three. The scores are all recorded and logged and then the game can be replayed at level one to see if the score can be exceeded. Learn Your Way is a game that teaches children and helps them to learn in a fun kind of way.

Learning for children is a difficult task for children to hold their attention span within. All too often their tiny minds wander but Learn Your Way keeps the kiddies well interested and hold their attention span while they learn at the same time. The images on Learn Your Way are very child-friendly and I can guarantee your young ones will find them fun. Images like books, lions, hair ribbons and pandas are among the more challenging images. Easier ones include a girl, a mouse and a tree for example.

Learn Your Way works a treat on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and at just $0.99 we found it worth the money. There is also some good sounds that the little ones will enjoy and Learn Your Way can be played without the assistance of the parents; leaving you to get on with the things you want to do and the little ones to get on with some learning.

The game is ideal for the younger child aged between two and six years. This is when children are at an age when they are very boisterous and their minds are often wandering. Learn Your Way will excite them but hold their attention and you will get some rest and peace if only for a short while. The graphics could be improve but really not a bad first try.

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Title: LearnYour Way

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Bass Jobsen

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