Customise Your iPhone With Pimp!t – Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Pimp!t is a new level on wallpaper apps. We always strive to make our smartphones look a little bit cooler than our friends. That feeling you get when you show your friends your new wallpaper design on your iPhone and they express surprise followed by a hint of envy. Comments like, “Oh, where did you get that design and wallpaper, it’s beautiful!”

Pimp!t seems to be the place where those who have iPhones are displaying those cool wallpapers. In a way I found it to be very much unlike other apps that have different wallpaper designs on them. This one for example was one where you can create the wallpaper designs yourself, rather than simply select from random listings. Creating the wallpaper designs is quick and easy and for me I was able to design my own special band logo and now the other members of my band want me to offer them the same design for their smartphones.

Pimp!t comes with an easy-to-use swipe control feature which will allow you to go on and share the design with other users of Pimp!t. It is for this very reason that Pimp!t appears to have great deal of high quality wallpaper designs on the app. If you want to pimp your iPhone then this really is the app to consider as there does not appear to be a collection of standard shapes and colours you would normally see on any wallpaper collection library. This really has a wide choice and if you do not see the one that you really want or actually like, then you can design your own.

Pimp!t is a new discovery in wallpaper design that allows you to customise and build a wallpaper that suits your personal touch. It is a steal at $0.99 and works a treat on the iPhone, iPod Touch and your iPad. The tools the app has for designing your wallpaper works really quickly and is easy to use. The other fun feature in the app is the collection just seems to grow and grow; that’s because it does, every time an app user who has Pimp!t designs a real nice wallpaper he or she can share it with all the users, wherever they may be in the world. Just imagine someone, somewhere, could be using your wallpaper which you have lovingly designed!

App Details

Title: Pimp!t

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Lifestyle

Developer: Pascal Hoffmann