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A brilliant idea with an inspirational edge; SketchStorm allows you to create an idea and see if that idea will manifest further. There are times in our lives when we just need to bump start that great idea with an inspirational picture or writings and suddenly all sorts of doors could begin to open. SketchStorm help to get that idea on the go and it’s all done before you start doing all the donkey work on that idea. Sometimes it can be very useful to know if your idea flops before you go ahead and do all the groundwork.

So what is that fails to take off when you have that idea? The concept is that there are too many barriers, too many obstacles and far too many hurdles in the way that the plan falls dead in the water before it can get off the ground. This has to be one of the only brainstorming apps I have found on the market. It has a whole range of visualization tools for composing great ideas and concepts. Graphs that explain in clear detail where the idea is going and stuff like interior design of buildings or homes, urban planning designs, graph graphics and other motivational tools. In fact SketchStorm takes you wherever your imagination fires you up and whisks you off.

It makes great use of global positioning satellites and user interfaces. This allows the users to understand the more difficult concepts that have grown from other end-users who in turn will browse your ideas too. The good points in SketchStorm are the fast responsive app opening speeds, expressions of ideas in a speedy manner, retro-style palette with absolutely loads of colours and a method to use your iPhone camera to capture images along the way. You can easily use images from your camera’s album to speedily create variations on a theme. I was designing a new kitchen and could use images taken from a showroom to superimpose within my kitchen corner.

If you make any howlers don’t worry. The undo function works as much as you want, so if you make 50 mistakes, then undo it all. You can also make use of those squared-paper graph layouts that I used to use in maths and architecture classes. SketchStorm is great for any one who is a budding architect, creative entrepreneur, urban planning designer, artist or interior designer.

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Title: SketchStorm ida button: your idea can be life-changing

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Developer: Yang Li

SketchStorm (Idea Button : your idea can be life-changing) - Yang Li