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Complete Gym Guide app has just about everything I ever wanted to guide me through my gym workout sessions. It has been several years now since I decided I wanted to tone up and lose a little weight. I did join the gym at my local mall but I was never inspired by the gym’s use of a pen and paper with unprofessionally written tick lists they used. Basically when I arrived at the gym I collected a tick sheet with my name on it and it had a list of exercises that I had been programmed to perform and I had to tick them off with a pen once I had completed them.

I often thought, “Is this the best they can offer for my £40 per month fee?” Needless to say, I quit and thank goodness I found this app. The Complete Gym Guide has more than 115 different workout exercises. Each one is tailored to tone a certain area of your body. Every exercise listed on the app shows a detailed description and also has many images. I was even offered the ability to save my favourites. My personal trainer told me once that I had to tone my stomach. He said my arms and legs were OK but I needed to cut down on fatty foods, alcohol and take more exercise. The exercise patterns that were offered to me by my personal trainer at the gym are all available here from abdominal crunches, press ups and push ups and it even features some of the more complex exercises in its huge list too!

The list of exercises is vast and some of examples on the Complete Gym Guide are abdominal exercises, bicep exercises, triceps exercises, chest exercises, shoulder exercises, lower back exercises and traps exercises. There are nine amazing performance calculators too. I was amazed and pleased to see protein intake calculators as well as calculators for carbohydrate intake, creatine cycle, and lean body mass, base metabolic rate and max rep calculators.

The calculators are used to measure your fitness levels and gauge how well you are performing. The Complete Gym Guide is ideal for starters and more experienced gym freaks alike. I love using it and found that I want to work out even more since I downloaded this app. You can even calculate your calorie intake and burn measurements on this app too.

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Title: Complete Gym Guide

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

Category: Health and Fitness

Developer: Miniz

Complete Gym Guide - Miniz