Clean Up Duplicate Contacts – Review

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Clean up Duplicate Contacts is a handy little app that will get rid of those duplicate contacts that exist on your iPhone address book. There is nothing worse than joining a website and then that site asking you if you would like to find any of your Facebook friends that share with the site you have just registered with. The site then adds those contacts and you then find some of those contacts already exist on your iPhone.

Once Clean up Duplicate Contacts has worked its wonderful magic, the address book on your iPhone or iPad will then work much smoother and quicker. The address suddenly looks much smarter and works with an efficiency you will be much more pleased with.

The app runs in the background with an automation that allows you to continue working smoothly with other features on your smartphone or tablet. If you want you can allow Clean up Duplicate Contacts to configure the merge with an accuracy that only you want to dictate. The app is designed to seek partial matches or full matches, you tell Clean up Duplicate Contacts just how much matching it should search for.

Let us say your contact John Smith has a double match on your iPhone or iPad, Clean up Duplicate Contacts will search to see if the email addresses are the same and the telephone numbers match too. If they do not then it will delete just the name and withhold the two different email addresses, or telephone numbers. Therefore, you can dictate Clean up Duplicate Contacts to search partial matching or full matching. Once Clean up Duplicate Contacts has completed its scan it will then present you with the results and you can pick and choose whether or not to delete the match or partly delete it. At all times you are in control of what you want left in your address book.

All partial management contact details are placed under one name and that person, let us say John Smith, will have one entry and both his email addresses (if he has two) will display underneath the one name; the same applies if he happens to have two telephone numbers. Let’s face it; most of your contacts will have two telephone numbers, namely a mobile or cell phone number and a landline. Clean up Duplicate Contacts is quick too; this app scanned 1,000 contacts in about ten seconds.

App Details

Title: Clean up Duplicate Contacts

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

Category: Productivity

Developer: Wim de Nood

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts - Wim de Nood

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