Cartoon Defense: Space Wars – Review

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I noticed this game was free and have played it all day. Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is all about strategy and is played in real time. Your aim is to protect the planet. The planet is called Cartoon and you will need all your wits about you to beat off the enemy who will attempt to attack the planet. There is a nice fable that begins the game and it is wise to sit through it and see how the game pans out.

The story all begins out in the deep universe. Here, way beyond the solar systems in our near galaxy is a planet called Cartoon. The planet itself is beautiful and peace-loving peoples exist in this nirvana in the deep universe. Here in Cartoon the people are mainly made up of a tribal race who calls themselves the “Whites.”

There is another tribe called the Grays who lived mainly outside in a nearby star system. Then one day the Grays decided to intimidate the Whites. The Grays were mainly made up of nasty, notorious and vicious warriors. The invaded Cartoon and forced the Whites to hand over their planet to them and if they refused to do so they would be attacked with brutal force. The chief of the Whites and planet governor demanded that the Grays must leave Cartoon with immediate effect. However, the demands and please from the Whites went unheeded and the Grays decided to attack with deadly force.

The Whites had no choice but to declare a war on the Grays to protect their beautiful planet from the evil Grays. The Whites wanted justice restored and the peace they enjoyed to return. However the Grays were not going to be a pushover and the battle lines were drawn and the attacks commenced. So that is the scenario and your task is to build units to assist the Whites and make sure those units have the right resources to enable battle with the Grays to spawn a hopeful victory.

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is very easy to play and there are some clear instructions on how you should play before you actually start the game. Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is a unique resource management app which means you can manage how you resource your military strategy. You are able to build your own units and resource them with an arsenal of your choice.

The graphics are beautiful, a app that requires a lot of tactics. Really good game and a must have. Did I mention it’s free.

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Title: Cartoon Defense: Space Wars

Price: Free (in-app purchase)

Category: Games

Developer: KTH

Cartoon Defense: Space wars. - KTH