Monster Cube iPhone Review

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Monster Cube is a match three game with a difference to the normal two-dimensional game structure and portrays a 3D cube made from several different colours that are shaped into monster characters. Your task is clear; grab them one by one and pull them free, then rearranges them so that you connect three in any direction you wish and then it is job done!

When you play Monster Cube is really does become rather mad. There are simply too many different missions to take part in and these different combinations include booster points and fever modes that you can manipulate to build up your score to new dizzy heights. There are also interactive leader boards which help you show how well you are doing against other users. They will also see your high score so you can show off your skills to the Monster Cube world if you can manage to master the different combinations and fever modes.

Monster Cube is also on Facebook, so I suggest you click on like and check out the online forum from other users who are regularly playing Monster Cube. Each week the high score of the player who has performed the best is published for all to see. Monster Cube players come from all four corners of the globe and you can chat on the Facebook pages with users and give off tips and strategies or simply make some new Monster Cube friends. You can compare scores against your chums and try to improve your game so that you make the illusive hall of fame.

Once the countdown gets going the Monster Cube characters come alive and you must pulverise and destroy them. The battle lines are drawn and the field of play is all displayed in stunning three dimensional wonder. The layers are four deep and four wide with coloured Monster Cube evil monsters and there very aggressive nature that goes hand in hand with them. Your task is to destroy these beasts and grab as many as you can before the clock stops ticking.

You can even watch the whole event from an entirely different angle. Simply tap on the screen to change the vantage point to suit your preferred angle of view. Tap the screen once more to place the cube into a new position that you need to do. You will have hours of fun here with Monster Cube.

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Title: Monster Cube

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: MonsterJuice

Monster Cube - MonsterJuice