Stolen Beauty: fashion mystery

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Stolen Beauty: fashion mystery is a new entry in the AppStore from Russian game developer Nevosoft, combining the world of fashion with solving a good old fashioned who-done-it. Eve Sanders, a reporter for a leading fashion magazine is drawn into a missing person mystery, taking the game player through 27 exciting levels of mystery and intrigue while visiting exotic Rio de Janeiro during Carnival time.

The world of Stolen Beauty takes the game player on an exciting adventure to solve and understand some bizarre occurrences. Why did the ballerina gain so much weight? What’s the cause of the Carnival Star’s rapid aging disorder? What is making spots erupt on the skin of the gorgeous model?  Each level of the game includes searching for hidden object s and other fun tasks.  You have to use common sense and your powers of deductive reasoning to decipher the clues so you can keep moving through the levels, allowing you to solve the big mystery.  Stolen Beauty’s levels wind the story though exotic locales and you’re introduced to interesting characters, ranging from runway models , actresses, dancers, salon owners, club owners and much, much more to help you solve the big mystery.  Now I can’t tell you too much because I wouldn’t want to spoil the ending.

Every game has a specific target market, and this game is no different. However, Stolen Beauty’s premise and style of game appeals more so to a young girl, but there some adult themes running  through the game I don’t know if I would want a young girl to be dealing with.  The game is created in Russian and played in English so there are a few funny grammatical errors.  The grammar issue can be rectified easily enough when the game goes through an update.  I would also recommend the game be downloaded for the  iPad,  as opposed to the iPhone or iTouch because of the screen size. The details in the graphics are incredible, but hampered when playing the game on the smaller screen. There is also a free version of the app. gives Stolen Beauty: fashion mystery 4 stars. It’s a great way to while  away a rainy afternoon.

App Details

Title: Stolen Beauty: fashion mystery

Price: £2.99 – $4.99

Category: Games

Developer: Nevosoft LLC

Stolen Beauty: fashion mystery - Nevosoft