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If you are into horoscopes, astrology and tarot cards then Face Reading Booth is the app for you. Have you ever thought about the future and what it holds for you? What about all your mates and their future? Now there is a way, and Face Reading Booth is the way forward. The app takes an image of your face and displays it on the screen. Then each corner of your face is analysed and the app will explain to you which every part indicates.

Every different part of your face will determine a different story. They say every picture tells a story, and this is true for your face. Find out is you are going to be rich or a natural born winner. Discover how long you are likely to live and find out where your skills in life are. Face Reading Booth will explain if you are likely to travel in the future and all the answers to these burning questions are on Face Reading Booth.

There is literally hundreds of different reading on the app and the analysis is based on real life face reading techniques. So it does not simply give you a random token fortune remark but reads your own face and gives an accurate well read answer. It looks at the shape of the face and the distance between your eyes and the correlation between your nose, mouth and eye positions. There are three modes of face reading from serious, random or repeat.

Once the Face Reading Booth has analysed your facial features and given you a reading it will then save the reading for later viewing. You can even email your chums and show them what your face reading features astrological reading shows. The graphics are truly wonderful and there is the option to use retina display which allows you to enlarge portions of the graphics for easy viewing. Face Reading Booth is very simple to use and you will not need to read through any long and boring instructions.

It works on the iPhone and the iPod Touch but is optimised best on the iPad. So if you want to know what the future has in store for you then give this cheap app a try. It is simple to operate and also can be great fun to use particularly when you share with friends and relatives. A bargain at $0.99.

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Title: Face Reading Booth

Price: £0.69 – $0.99

Category: Entertainment

Developer: RGamma

Face Reading Booth - RGamma