Playground HD – a huge games collection for kids: Video Review

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Playground HD is the fantastic kids iPhone app that as 11 games in one. From puzzle game to spot the difference, the app has some great games to keep little ones busy. There is an iPad version available that as 12 games. The developers omitted one of the game from the iPhone version due to the small screen.

The app isn’t only for fun, the games included help kids learn as well. The games are based on classic formats but is unique in their own right. Kids could easily spend a good few hours on the play due to the sheer number of activities available. For instance the pairs/match up game has 45 different motives. A 4 year old will spend some time on these and the most important thing is, they will never get bored.

The app is well though through, I love the way you have to enter the settings tab. A tap won’t do, a tap and hold is more like it, and this is great because it hinders your kids from going into the menu and changing something. There are 15 different languages to choose from, making the app universal.

A variety of games in one app:

1.) SEARCH IMAGES: 2 images each with 5 errors
2.) PAIRS / MATCH UP: 8 different images
3.) PUZZLE: 3 images
4.) DRAW [iPad only!]: 1 page for coloring / 1 empty canvas / 9 colors / 3 Brush sizes / Paint bucket
5.) ERASE: 1 Scratch card
6.) SLIDING PUZZLE: 1 image
7.) CATCH: Catch 5 animals of the same kind / 1 animal
8.) REMEMBER: max. combination is 3 steps long
9.) PIANO: 1 motive with 8 animals
10.) COLLECT: Mama fish has to collect 5 stars for her Kids in 4 level
11.) ROLL: Alternative to the “SLIDE” game for the little ones
12.) COLORS: Bubble Shooter with colored fishes / 1 life

Playground HD is simple, fun and absolutely amazing. The great graphics and intuitive gameplay, coupled with a great price of $4.99 help Playground HD to get a 5 star from us. There is a lite version available to give your kids a taster.

App Details

Title: Playground HD – a huge games collection for kids

Price: $4.99 – £2.99

Category: Games

Developer: Jan Essig

Playground HD – a huge games collection for kids - Jan Essig